Rescue Diver Course

                       serious fun!

The PADI Rescue Diver course is a favorite among dive leaders. Most dive professionals say that it is the best course they ever enrolled in and most Instructors cite the class as their favorite to teach.

At Be water diving we conduct our rescue classes over 4 days. The course is comprised of 4 academic class sessions supported by independent study and 10 in-water training exercises which are evaluated with 2 scenarios on the final day of training. Using their extensive experience and support personnel, the Instructors at Be water diving make every Rescue course taught here memorable for every student.

The course will build your confidence and abilities as a diver. This program has been updated to include all the latest developments in rescue training. This course improves your diving skills and has modules that teach you diving first aid, emergency management, dive equipment problems, and to recognize diver stress. The in-water exercises will give you the ability to deal with distressed, tired, panicking, unconscious and missing divers.

We have an on-site confined water training area at BWD, giving you the best conditions to master new techniques and motor skills. 

This course will really improve your confidence and make you a more competent diver.

Contact us for the latest prices which includes all books, materials, rental gear, taxes, and there are no hidden charges for the course. Private or shared room accommodations available, visit our Packages section for details.

Course time: 4.5 Days
Content: 2 Academic Modules, 2 Confined Sessions, 4 Open Water Dives
Maximum depth allowed: 30 meters / 100 feet
Prerequisites: Advanced Open Water + EFR
Course Package Includes: All materials, taxes, equipment, transportation + 1 free tshirt
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Price 480 usd 

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